Attire & Policies



  • Hair must be secured tightly off the face and neck in a bun or barretted braid.


  • Warm-up wear is permissible as long as it is approved knitwear. No sweats or baggy clothing allowed.


  • Students wear the leotard color appropriate for the class in which the are enrolled. In the workshops students may wear any color leotard with pink tights and slippers (ballet or soft bedroom).


  • Ballroom students are asked to bring a separate pair of clean, comfortable shoes to wear in class. Loose-fitting and cool clothing for comfort and ease of movement is advised, but nothing too baggy that will inhibit partnering. Pull hair back to prevent it from falling into the eyes or slapping a partner’s face.


Class uniforms are required and may be ordered through SABA.

All female students must have pink tights and ballet slippers with the appropriate colored leotard.

Male students must wear white T-shirt and socks, and black or white slippers, black tights or leggings, and dance belt.

Students improperly dressed will only be allowed to observe (still a learning process).

Ballet FUNdamentals - light blue leotard

Ballet Basics - pink leotard

Level I - royal blue leotard

Level II - hunter green leotard

Level III - burgundy leotard

Level IV - black leotard

Level V, Adults & Introductory Classes - leotard color of choice


Some used slippers and attire are available for sale by current and former student families. Please check at the studio.



Tuition Payments
Full tuition payment for the session or season (post-dated checks) is expected at the start of classes. A $10 late fee and 1.5% interest charge will be applied for each month that the tuition is in arrears. A $25 fee is applied for each check returned unpaid. The director reserves the right to refuse admittance to class any student whose account is not paid and current.


Attendance and Tardiness
Ensure that your dancer attends all classes and arrives on time. Please call the Academy if a student will miss a lesson.


Withdrawal and Refunds
Students are considered enrolled in classes for the year and there is a four-month minimum for all lessons. Formal withdrawal must be done in person at the beginning of the last month of attendance and a parent or adult student must complete and sign a withdrawal form. Checks will be returned for the unused portion of classes.


There is no refund for session classes without a medical excuse.



Missed classes due to illness or injury will not be credited or refunded without a medical excuse. Make-up lessons are allowed at any time during the season.


Inclement Weather

In most cases classes will be held during snowfall.  If classes are cancelled, radio stations WDMP on 99.3 fm and WPVL 1590 am/107.1 fm will be contacted to air the cancellations. You may also call 608-345-8020.


Class Observation

Parents of young dancers are asked NOT to observe class as it serves as a distraction to the student. Class observation days will be scheduled periodically throughout the year.


Suitable Behavior

Southwest Academy of Ballet Arts LLC reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student whose attitude is found to be unsatisfactory or engages in disruptive or disorderly behavior or language, or uses illegal drugs or alcohol on the premises or at off-site performance/rehearsal spaces.


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