About Us


The Academy brings classical training in ballet as well as other dance disciplines to the people of southwestern Wisconsin. There are two studio locations that offer a full range of classes for students who are seriously motivated for a potential career in dance and for those who are looking for an enjoyable exercise outlet. Professional training is given in all classes to ensure that students reap the benefits of the dance arts. A strong learning attitude is promoted and students are taught appropriate etiquette, including proper class attire. Through positive reinforcement (with a healthy dose of humor) students gain confidence and artistic skill. Individual corrections are given to assist each dancer and students are encouraged to strive for their full potential.


SABA provides foam-supported wood flooring at each studio location to reduce muscle fatigue and prevent injuries. Class sizes are kept small to allow the greatest individual attention and growth.​



Vaganova Method


The Russian Vaganova method of training is used in the education of the dancer. Noted for its logical development and graceful artistry, it is a scientific system that steadily builds and develops strength and precision through the progressive introduction of difficult movements. The emphasis on artistry adds beauty and dimension to strength and skill. Students benefit from increased energy, coordination, flexibility, confidence, and improved posture and stamina. This method was originated, developed and perfected in the professional ballet schools of the Soviet Union, producing dancers like the famous Rudolph Nureyev, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Natalia Makarova, Maya Plisetskaya, and Nina Ananiashvili.

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