The Brianna Walczak Memorial Scholarship

This prestigious scholarship has been established in memory of Brianna Walczak, a former SABA student who died unexpectedly in May 2016. Brianna was devoted to her ballet studies and always exuded a positive attitude during her four years of training at SABA. Not only did she strive for her fullest potential in dance, but she was always encouraging of her fellow classmates and willing to help everyone achieve their goals. For Brianna, attendance of her classes at the studio was a pleasurable experience and brought her joy. It was her “happy place” and she always looked forward to going.



This is a full season tuition scholarship for one ballet student per year (it does not cover fees and attire). It can be renewed a second year if the student requests it as long as the individual is deserving and continues to perform up to the expectations of the scholarship terms.



The applicant applying for this prestigious scholarship will demonstrate the following traits at least one year prior to application:


  • Will prioritize training above all else 

  • Attend a minimum of three ballet classes per week 

  • Limit absences to only two per season 

  • Eagerly work to the fullest potential

  • Motivate and encourage classmates to strive towards perfection

  • Maintain a positive attitude and cheery disposition

  • Willing and available to represent SABA in publicity events (i.e. parades, community events, special presentations, etc.)


If the applicant is unable or fails to up hold these terms faithfully and completely, the scholarship will be rescinded and the student will be required to pay the balance of the tuition for the remainder of the season.


  • Attainment of Level III by applicant

  • Dedication to training

  • At least a Junior in high school

  • Extent of involvement with SABA activities

  • Attitude towards training and others as demonstrated in class 

  • Nearly perfect attendance in prior years

  1. What is your attitude towards your ballet studies?

  2. What priority do you place on your training?

  3. How would you rate your attendance?

  4. How does your personality compare to Brianna Walczak’s as described?

  5. In what ways do you encourage and motivate your fellow classmates?

  6. Do you truly feel you can be the proper representative for this scholarship?

  7. Do you fully understand the responsibility this scholarship imposes upon you?


Funding for the scholarship shall be, in part, through:

  • Individual donations

  • Flower fundraiser

  • SABA

  • Other outside resources

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