Tuition & Registration



A 10 percent discount will be applied to tuition if registrations (online, in person or by mail) are received and fees ($105) are paid before the end of July.  First trimester tuition will be due in September. 

Registrations by mail must be received two weeks prior to the start of classes to ensure the offering of the class.  

Advance registration with payment is required to reserve the student’s place within the class.  

A non-refundable fee of $25 is due at registration for ALL SEASONAL CLASSES. 

Ages must be attained by October 15th to be enrolled in the class for that age.

Tuition and fees are payable to “SABA” with checks dated for the first of September, December and March. Unpaid accounts will be assessed a 1.5% interest charge applied to the outstanding balance. Accounts not paid by the end of the season are turned over to a collection agency.

The optional Showcase performance fee of $15 (refundable if formally withdrawn from the Academy by December 31) and costume purchase of $60 (non-refundable if costume has been ordered) per dance will be collected at the start of the season.

The Academy Party is scheduled in February for seasonal students and incurs a $5 fee.

Classes not meeting the minimum enrollment of six (6) one week prior to the start of classes may be cancelled and/or combined.  During the season classes with fewer than 3 students in attendance may be cancelled and rescheduled for a later date.

Beginning level classes are closed for registration after Oct. 31.  Students must have reached the minimum age for the class they are registering for by October 15. Session classes are closed to registrations the third week after the start of classes. Students must have reached the minimum age of their enrollment class by the third week of the session.

A 15% discount on the second seasonal tuition will be applied to families registering two or more students. A 10% discount on tuition is offered to families enrolled in introductory session classes.

Registration may be done online, by mail, or in person during the in-studio registration.




Seasonal Class Tuition


(paid each trimester or with post-dated checks for the year)

                            1x/wk     2x/wk      3x/wk       4x/wk    

60 min. class      $126     $229.35

75 min. class      $138     $262.20   $386.40   $510.60   

90 min. class      $153     $290.70   $428.40   $566.10  

105/120 min.     $168     $310.80   $453.60   $596.40

*Unlimited classes $600 


Apprentice Ensemble $90 / trimester


ANNUAL FEES (paid separately)

Registration Fee  $25.00 ($10 each add'l family member) Valentine’s Party $5.00

Showcase Fee $15.00

Costume Fee $60.00

Youth Show Time Costume $65

Apprentice Ensemble Costume Rent $120


NO REFUNDS or CREDITS will be given without a written medical excuse or formal in-person withdrawal from seasonal classes at the Academy.


Non-Showcase Tuition
(per 10-week session, includes registration fee)

30 minute class $68

45 minute class $80

60 minute class $96

75 minute class $112


Specialty Class Tuition

Apprentice Ensemble $90 / trimester

Ballet Body Fitness    $168--1x/wk     $300--2x/wk

Ballroom - six weeks 

60-min. Class $90/person or $153/couple 

90-min. Class $135/person or $230/couple


Other Class Tuition

Six-Class Card                          $  99
Ten Class Card                         $155  
Single Class                              $  18




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